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In 2014 the sawmill was completed and started to produce lumber and firewood. 95 percent of all our wood (birch, spruce and pine) is harvested from PEFC certified woods. The other 5 percent is coming from woods that are treated the same as PEFC woods but don’t have the certification yet. Partaharjun Puutarha only takes harvested trees that are harvested from woods that comply with the rules of PEFC or FSC. This way we have the assurance the forests, where our harvested trees are coming from, are sustainable.

Our firewood producing sawmill is innovative. It is designed by Erkki Savolainen starting from an existing sawmill and turning it into a sawmill that is capable of producing 25 m3 cubic meters birch firewood an hour. Future upgrades to the sawmill will even increase the production. After the sawmill the firewood is transported by a conveyer belt into our firewood terminals. The firewood terminals were also designed bij Erkki Savolainen and build in 2014 with the sole purpose of drying the firewood. The firewood terminals can hold around 15000 m3 of firewood each. With an ingenious and environmentally friendly system the temperature inside the firewood terminal can be raised to around 50 degrees Celsius so the firewood can dry.


Lumber stack


Firewood terminal

Our Firewood is made out of the silver birch and we can pack them into 40 liter bags or we can ship the firewood without packing. The birch firewood is below 20 % humidity and the length can vary but the most used length is between 25 and 35 cm. If needed we can make other lengths. Our birch firewood is without any mold because we let our firewood dry at temperatures around 50 degrees Celsius.

If you need any firewood for wholesale just contact us so we can offer you a good price for high quality birch firewood.

Wood Chips

Wood chips

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