Sustainable Finnish beauty by Partaharjun Puutarha

Partaharjun Puutarha is a greenhouse company specialized in producing bulb flowers. Besides growing bulb flowers and potted plants Partaharjun Puutarha is also growing forest tree seedlings (birch, larch, pine and spruce) and we have a sawmill producing lumber, firewood and woodchips.

Partaharjun Puutarha strives to be innovative, environmentally friendly and offers good prices for high quality products. The greenhouse has an area of  52 000 square meters where the flowers, plants and tree seedlings are grown. Furthermore there is approximately 10 000 square meters of cold-storage, freezer storage and a 100 000 square feet growing field.

Partaharjun Puutarha is situated in Pieksämäki, in the middle of Finland, and has been operating for 44 years.


Tulips in bucket ready for shiping

Forest Tree Seedlings

Forest Tree seedlings


Tree Stumps

Yhteystiedot / Contact

Partaharjuntie 431, 76280 Partaharju
Phone: +358 403 055 800
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